Since my early days, I've been immersed in the realm of sound – doing technical studio work like mixing and mastering, working as a live sound engineer, and composing my own music.

Five years ago, I ventured into the realm of software engineering, diving deep into data engineering, web app development, and eventually taking on project leadership roles.

My passion for both sound and code converged when I embarked on a project in late 2022 – crafting a Linux-based Digital Signal Processor (DSP), a sophisticated sonic computer that uses the processing power available today to take the sound quality of speaker systems to a new level.

What I've worked

since Dec 2022

DSP Prototype development

Created a real-time audio processing engine in Rust, which is controlled by a node-based web application. It runs on Linux and can therefore harness the processing power available today to employ more sophisticated algorithms. Built a Raspberry Pi based hardware prototype.

Rust TypeScript SvelteKit
Jan 2022 - Dec 2022

Lead Engineer & Project Manager GmbH

Created a web application for building and optimizing websites. Led a team of engineers, specified software architecture, designed UI and UX.

PHP Laravel Vue 3 Figma
Feb 2018 - Dec 2021

Software & Data Engineer

Integrated Analytics GmbH

Designed and implemented data pipelines for large-scale data warehousing and analytics projects. Created web applications utilized within the company and for external clients.

MySQL PHP Laravel HTML CSS JavaScript
since Oct 2018

Computer Science Student

University of Bonn

I like the low-level stuff.

Audio Engineering

Over the years, I've come to do a lot of audio engineering work. Some of the services I can offer professionally are:

  • Event Technician (Sound Systems / FOH)
  • Studio Post-Processing (Mixing / Mastering)
  • Sound Installations


I do something like Synthwave / Darksynth, with a bit of Rave and some Cinematic influences.